About Us

About us

The right source for the design.

There’s something to be said for coming home — a place where all your cares melt away the moment you step across the threshold. Where you’re protected, sheltered from the busyness of the world.

Building this type of retreat requires intentionality, which is why we always infuse the calming nuances of nature into every home, from sturdy beams to delicate textures and subtle features. It makes each home both beautiful and livable. A home that lives, breathes, and grows with you.

Our  designs are a haven to come home to. These types of homes define the Tuscany Homes brand and help people understand our solid reputation as a Pacific Northwest home builder.

Ron Veach

Inspiration: The right source for the design.


ron_webRon Veach was born and raised in Clark County, and knows the lay of the land. He’s a builder, a business owner, an outdoorsman, and a craftsman. But really, he’s a visionary. Ron started Tuscany Homes because he wanted to build homes that lived and breathed like the pacific northwest, the land that he’s hunted and explored, that gives him strength and inspiration with it’s wide open fields and stately forests, that welcomes the rain and sun and is beautiful in every season.

He listens to his clients' dreams, and then pushes those dreams some more, taking clients farther in their home plans than they could ever imagine on their own, incorporating details and features that echo the land. Each home is unique, as each forest is unique. And is built to best suit the dweller.

Meet the Team


Ward Toivonen

General Manager
A quiet man with a big heart, Ward believes in treating people well. He’s a leader who sees details, from the initial structural plans all the way through to the final nail, and works every day to make sure his team is paying attention to them as well.  He’s been building custom homes and logging for more than 20 years, so he knows what it means to take an idea and bring it to fruition.

He’s also raised five kids, and has learned to listen until he hears, learn until he’s better, and relax every once in a while. You’ll find him hunting and fishing up past the Lewis River, enjoying the solitude of the woods.


Joe Bafford

Chief Financial Officer

After working for years with Fortune 500 companies, Joe is loving the simpler life as Tuscany’s finance, budgeting, and forecasting guru. While things move a bit more slowly, the results show up a lot more quickly, and that’s rewarding for him. Joe knows much of the company’s steering and success lies on his shoulders, so thoughtful and steady wins the day.

Don’t let the analytical mind fool you — when Joe’s free for the day, he’s in Amboy building fences and corralling cattle on his 60 acres. You’ll find his grandkids toddling after him, and the rest of his family never far away.

Donny Caldwell

A forward thinker, Donny knows how today’s work will affect a home’s future owner. He’s in charge of all warranty work at Tuscany Homes, and makes sure all the little dings and dents are removed before he hands over the keys to a new home owner. From fire places to window sashes, faucets to finishing nails, he makes sure things are where they should be doing exactly what they ought to be.

As a former tree trimmer for almost 30 years, he learned that while things need to look good, everyone needs to stay safe, and today’s actions influence everyone’s future health. These three principles help him make the wisest and safest decisions on a daily basis.

He’s an avid camper, and loves taking care of his family and dogs on his twenty acres.


Barbara Rausch

Executive Administrator

As Executive Administrator for Tuscany Homes, Barbara has learned how to keep things on track in a fast-paced office. She handles anything from invoicing to check issuing, insurance coverage to closing documentation. In a word, dedicated. Her 25 years in the industry will reaffirm her dedication.

When she’s not at work, you’ll find her taking the long way home with music blasting, so when she gets home she’s relaxed and ready to fully embrace family.


Ray Dawson


Ray knows how to build a house. In fact, you can find the homes he’s built over the past 30 years dotted all along I5 from the Mexican border to Blaine — there’s hardly an exit that doesn’t have a home he’s touched nearby. The best part of the process is seeing an unfinished pile of wood turn into a legacy that will stand for generations. He enjoys training a new generation of craftsmen to appreciate the hard work and vision it takes to the handle details of homebuilding well.

And time away from work? Fill up the gas tank on his Corvette, and he and his wife are off exploring, from the Cascades to Northern Idaho and back in a single weekend.


Stephanie Josephson

Project Wrangler 

There’s project coordinating, and then there’s project wrangling. Stephanie is an expert wrangler, tracking down costs and procuring permits, all while somehow keeping all Tuscany’s jobs moving forward efficiently. Her favorite part? Working alongside clients and catching their joy as they build their dream home from the ground up.

Stephanie’s laid back personality belies her determination. She gets stuff done, no matter what it takes, a trait which also wins big on the home front with her son and fiance.

Home Sales

Tari Burback

Custom Homes Sales

Intuition: The right person for the search

It’s one thing to see what’s right in front of you. It’s quite another to see what’s possible. It takes someone with vision and depth, who knows not only what’s available, but also what’s appropriate.

When it comes to finding a home, imagine having that intuition at your fingertips — someone who listens and instinctively knows how to uncover the home that’s built the way you’re built, that exhales with you and not just around you.

Tari invests in people. Her clients and her network know that when they need that creative edge she’s got a solution, an established resource years in the making, because she anticipated their need.


John Bishop

Home Sales

Enthusiasm: The right aptitude for the process

A determined man with a great attitude, John always puts his clients first. He does not rest until his clients are happy and comfortable with every aspect of their potential new home, and even works with designers to make sure the design and structure of each home is exactly what is needed. He knows that working eye-to-eye with people and taking care of them from start to finish through their home sale is the only path to success.

When he’s not meeting with clients, you’ll probably find him rounding up a team for a rowdy game of foosball, or out in Eastern Washington spending time with family, where every single one of them is vying for a chance to hold the brand new grand baby.