Shower Curtains vs Glass Panels

When designing your new bathroom, you will need to consider the type of shower or tub/shower combo you want. Part of this decision involves whether or not to install a shower door or to simply use a shower curtain. For a shower that is either stand alone or walkin, the decision is obviously a shower door, but other options offer a choice.

For a shower and tub combination there is much variety in what is more beneficial. Glass panels offer a great appearance and provide a clean place to get clean, but also can make it more difficult for using the tub when bathing young children. A shower curtain can get dirty easily and may need to be replaced often. It also offers the flexibility to add to the décor of your bathroom and change it whenever necessary. They can be easily moved all the way to one side to offer more space.

For glass panel doors it is also important make sure you have the space to keep it separate from the toilet and sink for sanitary reasons. Small gaps can make it difficult to wash which can lead to mildew, fungus, and mold.  For more advice regarding shower doors and curtains click here.

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