The Ways to Heat Your Home

Heating and cooling your new house is a very important aspect to making it a home. Natural gas is a very common choice for most families in the United States. The other option is electric, which is a good option for people who happen to live in areas where gas is not available. There are some areas where gas lines are not possible and also a select number of people who prefer electric to gas.

A few reasons that gas may actually be a better option than electric are:

  • In many situations, gas is less expensive to run.
  • Converting from gas to electric can be expensive, making it not worth it for many families.
  • The cost of heating up fuel in regards to carbon foot print may not be worth it.
  • Electric heating has been considered inherently inefficient, According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, most electricity that is produced is using methods that are only 30% efficient. Another thing to consider is that coal is one of the most common fuels used to create electricity.
  • According to the EPA, natural gas actually burns cleaner than coal which means that it better for the environment.

Overall, consumers really need to do their research before making such a large and expensive decision. To learn more about electric and gas heaters please visit this website.

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