Reach-in Closets in Your New Home

As you plan for your new home, it’s very necessary to consider adding designated storage closets. You need to understand the types of closets and how they can best fit the needs of your family. It is very necessary to do research and also contact design specialists or contractors to help you fit closets into your floor plan and help with flow. Adding the appropriate closet space is very important, and can help with the functionality of your home, but they also can take up important family living space.

Reach in closets are typically between 3 and 8 feet wide with a small depth of under 30 inches. They work really well in children’s rooms, hallways, and entry ways. The most common addition to a closet like this is a single horizontal rod for clothes. A shelf is typically installed for additional storage. If you need more storage, closet built ins can create more room when needed. ¬†To learn more about the different functions of a reach in closet, please check out this website.

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