Electric Fireplaces and Their Benefits

Electric fireplaces are the best of both worlds for some families. The offer the cozy feeling without the unwanted warmth.

They offer an ambiance to your home that is perfect for any climate. While the fireplace itself is not really burning anything and the flame is not real, it can give you the warm feeling you are looking for. This is particularly beneficial in climates that are warm and require no need for extra heat. ESmlectric heaters do in fact offer some extra heat, just not as substantial as a gas or wood fireplace. It essentially functions as effectively as an electric space heater, adding some small amount of heat, but certainly will not heat your entire home. Something to consider too is that since it is electrical, if you lose power in your home, your electric heater will not work. A gas fireplace will continue to work even without power.

Additionally, the value of your home will increase by up to 12% if you add a fireplace. Electric fireplaces are more expensive to run then gas fireplaces. They are also less expensive to install, making it an easy choice for a family on a budget. For more information about electric fireplaces and how they may be right for you, please click here.

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