Have You Considered Gothic Style

There are so many design options out there for your new home.  Each person has a distinct design style that fits their personality.  The most well know are traditional, modern, contemporary, and cottage.  Gothic is a style that is not entirely common these days mainly due to it being considered slightly outdated. It is most well known for it’s characterization with Early American symbols. These symbols can be seen in the windows, board and batten siding, metal roofs, and classic gothic colors. These colors are denim blue, black, and barn red.

This style works so well because of the farm dream portrayed in the childhood story books and movies. The less complicated life where time was spent working on the farm and roaming free. Life was slower and the spirit of that time lives on in our minds. It is desired for its simplistic and reminiscent feel.

This style works well to those who believe comfort is better then fashion and if you love the idea overalls. In this style, the idea of the Puritan is sexy.  To find out more about gothic style or to find a style that best fits your own, click here.

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