The Scoop on Transitional

transitionalTransitional style is essential what would come about if you were to hire Goldilocks decorate your Vancouver WA home.  The idea behind this decorating style is not to formal, not to stuffy, or not too cold.  It has a balance between contemporary styles and the warmth of a traditional look.  The result of following the design techniques of transitional style is a very gracious and harmonious space that takes the best of each category and combines them together to radiate a place that is warm enough to feel at home and stylish enough to show off to guests.

Transitional is a very common style, most rooms on home design websites would actually fall into this category.  This is because it is popular to choose many different elements to create a combination of styles in one space.  Transitional gives you the option to stay close to the familiar, but allows for a bit of freedom to add a taste of freshness.  It is a fluid design technique because you can keep your base, and update as new trends become fashionable.  For more about transitional style, or for more decorating ideas, click here!

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