The Breezy Coastal Style

coastal-styleCoastal style is one that fluidly differs from place to place.  People design their homes around a location, and as we all know, locations are all different.  A coastal home on the East Coast may be nothing like a coastal home in the Bahamas.  Whether your home is a Mediterranean Villa, a Tropical Beach house, or a Saltbox in the East Coast, you will want to consider decor that is light and breezy.  The idea behind a coastal home is carefree living, a place where boating, walking on the beach, or sunbathing may occur.  People in this space spend so much time letting their cares go and relaxing, and the home should reflect that.

The coastal style sets the mood for relaxation, and it definitely does not scream beach through gaudy decor or signs on the wall.  Each piece in the space should give the subtle message of coastal calmness.  White or light furniture, blue stripes, whimsical flow textures, and pops of color can help create a space that breathes.

While this style is very popular in coastal homes, many people choose to replicate it even when living very far from the beach.  Some simply embrace the carefree living and love the look of the decor, while others try to recreate a place they have been to feel the way they felt then.  To view more options for designing a coastal space, click here!

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