The Blissful Imperfections of Cottage Style

In a lot of ways, the cottage style is a frame of mind that leads into decorating techniques. There is an ease in the way it allows for imperfections, treasures that are held dear to the heart, and various pieces of mismatched furniture that ends up working well together. The main feeling of a Cottage is humbleness, unpretentious, and full of heart. These are all traits that most would be proud to claim they possess.

Cottage styleCottage style gives off a casual, comfy, and personal vibe making cottage style a perfect insight for the way we really live. The chosen fabrics are forgiving and the decor invites us to flop down and prop up our feet. There is a great deal of leeway for the personal expression, because it is meant to show off our true self.

People who love the cottage feel, love flowers on the counter, warm decor, and straw hats. Cottage style is more then just a design idea; it is a way of life.  To learn more about adding the cottage feel to your Vancouver WA home, or if you think there may be a better style that fits your personality, click here!

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