The Arts and Crafts Rebellion

The arts and crafts movement became popular near the turn of the twentieth century as a rebellion from the showy Victorian era. While it is a fun and creative style, it does happen to require certain parameters be abided by. It rejects the factory produced furniture and decor calling for natural beauty and beautiful craftsmanship.arts and crafts

This particular design style is run by clear design guidelines and a belief system that clings to honesty and purity of soul. This refreshing design graces interiors with a holistic harmony that is a reflection of the ideals and thought processes that allowed arts and crafts style to take hold in the beginning.

Those who love this style believe that there is a certain beauty in nature and in the world. There is something special in camping under the versus fancy parties and glitter. This person will have a great love for homemade and find life to be full of mystery and wonder. If Arts and Crafts style seems to fit your personality click here to find out more about adding these elements to your Vancouver WA home!

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