Vancouver Wa Flooring trends for 2015

grayGray is a color that is very “in” right now. With the nickname the “new neutral” it offers a very hip and trendy variance to your home. This shade creates a visual appeal that can draw the attention of your guests without overpowering the rest of the room. This color of hardwood flooring is a sleek and stylish option that will fit in with just about any décor style.

Achieving a gray hardwood flooring in the perfect shade can be a difficult feat because you will need a water based poly to keep your floors from turning a shade of yellow. You will also want to use a high grade polyurethane in order to create higher durability and a more appealing look. These floors also tend to be more expensive then other shades due to the difficulty and intricacy. For more ideas on flooring trends for 2015 or to learn about how to achieve the perfect shade of gray for your new Vancouver Wa home, click here

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