How to Choose the Perfect Fence

fenceThe first thing you should know about adding a fence to your backyard is why you are installing it. Are you hoping to keep a dog or children from roaming? Or maybe you are hoping to block noise or add privacy. You may want all of the above benefits from your fence. Chances are, you want your fence to be functional, but also beautiful.

Next you will need to choose your materials. People love the look of a white picket fence, but it is important to remember that a wood fence will require some upkeep. Over time you will need to paint, stain, fix nails,and replace beams that are warped or rotting. If this seems like a great deal to take on, other materials such as vinyl, steel, wrought iron, bamboo, or aluminum may be acceptable options for you.

An option to consider if you are concerned about cost, is the trend of mixing fencing styles in order to add appeal but also keep cost down. For example, using a white picket fence in the front, but vinyl in the back can assist you in saving money and create curb appeal in the process.   You should definitely do your research to figure out which kind of fence will best fit your family, lifestyle, and wallet.  For more information about whether or not installing a fence is a good option for your family, click here.

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