What to do with a blank wall

Are you struggling to find function in a blank wall? A wall that contains no furniture, no color, and no décor elements can have hope if you find a way to utilize it.

If your wall is located in a heavy traffic area, it can be easily separated into different zones to accomplish a goal. By adding a rug, some storage, and some hooks you can easily add a place for your shoes, backpacks, hats, etc. Adding a bit of design to the space through color and pattern can liven it up and give the wall a real pudrink stationrpose in your home.

If the wall you are trying to find a function for is near an entertainment area, you can install a bar area simply by adding a table, a wine holder, a place for your wine glasses, and maybe a tray with some glasses and a drink shaker. Small benches can be slid underneath to add a place to sit while you mix and enjoy cocktails.

You can also create a display wall for your home that showcases children’s artwork, report cards, or other important pieces. This can add a personal touch to your home, all while finding function for a blank space.

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