Your Smart Home

With all of the technological advancements these days, some people are looking to update their home with the same qualities as your ipad or smart phone. The human voice is becoming a great tool to control different aspects of your home. Some options that people choose include lighting, turning on or off your television, and controlling sound systems. This has become ideal because if offers an escape from physically having to complete these tasks.

Here are the benefits to making your new home a “Smart Home”:

  1. Smart homeConvenience: If you are working in the kitchen or upstairs doing laundry, but realize that the doors are unlocked, you can lock them without having to physically going to the door.
  2. Comfort: If you are relaxing on the couch, but really wish the lights were dimmer, you can instantly dim them without moving an inch.
  3. Accessibility: This feature offers better accessibility for those who may have physical limitations, or even those who simply have trouble operating remotes.
  4. Speed: Instead of fumbling with a remote or trying to see the buttons, using your voice gives you instant results.
  5. Ability to streamline: Your system can operate many different devices at once. For example, you could program your system to shut off the lights, lock the house, lower the shade, set the alarm, and turn off the TV all at once if you tell it your are going to sleep.

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