How to Overcome a Small Kitchen-Tuscany Homes

What some kitchens lack in space can be made up for in style and character. The idea is to add efficiency while keeping the space clean and clutter free.

White is a great option for a small kitchen because it gives a feeling of space. The color works well on cabinets and furniture. The double benefit of white cabinets is that they look great next tosmall kitchen stainless appliances. Finding some matching door hardware can complete the look. A lighter countertop and hardwood floors can help add warmth without overpowering the space and drawing attention to its small size. Also a smaller table, either round with small chairs, or stools and a counter or pub table can leave the space feeling larger. Smaller furniture adds function without taking away vital space.

You can also add pops of color in the backsplash and in décor elements. This can add some personality to the kitchen, giving it some much needed character. Minimizing items on countertops or other surfaces can keep the space feeling clean.

When trying to determine the best possible way to create function and style in a small space, try to remember what is most important to you. If storage is something that simply cannot be compromised, then make sure to research clever ways to add storage. If you are someone who cooks a lot and needs ample counter space, then that is a great place to direct your attention. Last of all, make sure the space speaks to you and you are proud of it. If you can get to that place, you will not even notice its struggle with size.  To learn more about how to utilize space in a small kitchen, click here.

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