10 Trends to Ditch in 2015-Tuscany Homes

whirlpooHome design trends tend to go in and out of style over time. Homeowners always want to find inexpensive ways to increase their home value and it is important to choose wisely. Some trends are out of style before they even have made much of a footprint in the design world. Choosing one of these fleeting styles can actually bring the value of your home down.

Here are some trends that you may want to avoid if you are remodeling or building in 2015:

  1. Kitchen desk space. This space was created for a place for storing cookbooks, making phone calls, or paying bills. With current technology, the need of this space is not really necessary anymore. Cell phones alone can handle the majority of these tasks.
  2. Giant Whirlpool Tubs. In the 1980’s these were a huge commodity in homes, but now people do not use them as often. Each bath can use up to 100 gallons of water, making the water bills more expensive. Many people these days opt for a shower or soaking tub because it fits their wallet and their life style.
  3. Windows without window treatments. This trend was inspired by the urban loft movement, leaving windows bare. While this brings the outside in, it takes away privacy and protection from glare. Shades or even a sheer window treatment are more in fashion this year.
  4. Over the range microwaves. While in some cases these are still preferred, if they are not at the right height for the homeowner, they can be dangerous. If you are too short for your microwave, you may find yourself unable to reach your food or stumbling with it.   Fancy range hoods are also more fashionable now because they give some aesthetic appeal to the space.
  5. Tiled countertops. This trend entered the market because of its affordability compared to granite or quartz, but people are realizing that they simply do not want to clean the grout on their counters ever again. It is so hard to clean these lines due to the lightness of their color and in 2015 people are ditching the tile to avoid this extra effort.
  6. Brass hardware. This is a trend that is not necessarily new for 2015, but it is still going strong.  Instead opt for satin or brushed nickel options to give your home an updated feel. For more information about out of style trends, click here.

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