Central Vacuum Systems-Tuscany Homes

A central vacuum system has vacuum inlets that are built into the wall. All you need to do is hook your vacuum into the inlet and all the dirt is collected and sent to a common location. Typically this space is the garage or basement. The most beneficial reason to have a central vacuum installed is that they cut down on the amount of dust that circulates, and they also are much quieter since the location of the motor is located in another place.

cvsThe level of power central vacuums have varies, some are able to pick up large debris while others only pick up small particles. You can also install dust pan vacuum slots that allow you to sweep the mess in to make clean up even easier.

If you decide that a central vacuum is right for you, it is something that you will need to have built into the walls of your home. This is easiest done by adding them in the home building process, but it is possible to add them later.

As you choose the location for your central vacuum, it is important to think about where it will be used the most. You will want enough valves so that you can reach all areas of your home, and the tube in the walls should not have many bends in them due to circulation.  For more information about central vacuum systems, click here.

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