One Story vs Two Story-Tuscany Homes

Deciding whether you want a one story or a two-story home can be a difficult process. There are great benefits to each option and in many cases the ultimate decision comes down to personal preference.

If you choose a one-story home, it is important to realize that your yard may be smaller due to the area the home will take up. If yard size is not a factor or you have purchased a large lot, then this may not matter. It is also important to realize that a single level may be priced more per square foot then a two story because it maximizes space on the main living area. home levels

In a two story home, you may come across the issue of sound traveling between floors. You may hear footsteps above you in the living room, or the sound of the TV from your bedroom. Stairs can also be considered a hazard for the elderly or young children.  Climbing stairs may be more difficult for individuals with disabilities and falling is always a risk with children. Gates are always an option, but those can be inconvenient. That being said, a second level offers the great benefit of separation. You can put your baby to bed upstairs and go about your business on the lower level with a smaller chance of waking them up. For more information about one story versus two story homes in Vancouver Wa, click here.

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