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As you begin the process of shopping for window coverings for you home, it is important to consider your family. If you have small children, it is vital to purchase window coverings that are safe for them. Cords can be hazards that can cause injuries, and one way to keep your little ones safe is to choose a blind that is cordless. These are a great option for anywhere that a child routinely spends their time, such as bedrooms, playrooms, and living areas. Due to the dangers that cords can pose to a child’s safety, tens of millions of window coverings have been recalled in recent years.push and pull blinds

Push and pull blinds are convenient and do not use the traditional cord. They are easily opened and closed by lifting them up or pulling them down. These blinds offer the benefit of safety but also aesthetic appeal. Cords can get tangled and look messy. Without these cords, your window has a clean look. You can also easily adjust their height and instead of fumbling with a cord and having them end up crooked, you get a horizontal line on your window every time.

If you do decide to go with a blind with a cord, you can always make adjustments to the blinds to make them safer, such as mounting a tension device or installing loops that allow you to wrap the cord up and keep it off the ground. For more information regarding the safety issues of blinds, click here.

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