Gardening in Any Space-Tuscany Homes

Many people enjoy the idea of having a garden in their yard. Depending on the size of your yard, this may or may not seem like an option for you. The idea that comes to mind when imagining a garden is a wide-open space that leaves room for various flowers, vegetable,, plants, and trees.   With the size of yards decreasing in many urban and even in some rural areas, it can be hard to find a way to use your green thumb. There are many great options for people who lack space but still want to create a beautiful and functional garden.small-gardens-one-pot-veggie

The first great idea is to create a expandable step garden. This is a raised bed that uses more vertical space, leaving more room for entertaining. They not only offer a smaller footprint in your yard, but they also ensure that each plant has equal access to sunlight.

Another garden option for a small yard space is a one-pot vegetable garden. This is the simplest and smallest of the urban gardens because it only utilizes a single pot. It is packed full of as many veggies and herbs as possible, giving you only one single area to water. A great mixture for a one-pot garden is sunset planted tomatoes, chives, basil, and jalapenos, giving you every thing you need for a great salsa, bloody mary mix, or pasta sauce within reach. To find more ideas for gardening in a small space, click here!

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