Design for Any Yard

The design you should choose for your new yard depends on its size. The key to creating a space that is functional and beautiful, is to pick elements that fit the space. If your yard is relatively small, you should choose smaller patio styles and furniture in order to not make the space feel cramped. A great way to do this is to make sure to clearly define the function of each part of the yard through design. Focus on a dining/sitting area, the lawn, and the plants. Depending on the actual size of your yard, you can create more or less defined areas.small yard

If you are hoping to give the illusion of more space, you can create a view along the diagonal of the property. The use of raised decks or gardening beds can also give the feel of more space. You can also give more then one function to a space to keep the space feeling like it has a lot to offer.

In a small backyard, storage can be a problem, so it is important to find a way to be creative. Using under deck cutouts is a great option to add storage without taking up vital yard space. For more ideas to increase functionality regardless of the space of your yard, please click here.

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