Interior Decorating Trends 2015

There are many new predictions for emerging design trends in 2015. According to the business insider, these are five new interior decorating trends that will take this year by storm.

The unexpected textures and an eclectic, modern vibe are showing new popularity in 2015. So you can expect to see a more sophisticated look that incorporates aspects of gold hardware, natural textures, and a subtle mid-century modern undertones. Here is a list of what will be considered “sophisticated” this year.

1. Gold Fixtures:  In 2015, stainless steel and silver will take a backseat to gold. This is not the rusty brass that took precedent in previous years, but a very bright and beautiful gold. This timeless accent color will make quire the statement. So abandon the stainless trend and feel free to “bling” out your home.

2. Cowhide:  With rustic style comes this sophisticated yet familiar design element. While many people do not view cowhide as sophisticated, it is something that can be added to the decor of your home and send a trendy message to guests. This adds to the accent and aesthetic elements of your home.

3. Wallpaper:  With so many varieties of wall paper, people are using it more and more in 2015. Whether it is used on only an accent wall or throughout the entire house, the versatility of this product allows homeowners to express their personality in an easy and stylish way.glasses-650771__180

4. Blue Accent Colors:  Blue has been a popular design color for a while now. It is still one of the most used shades throughout the home. Blue accent colors gives homeowners the ability to use splashes of color without overpowering the space.

5. Modern/Mid-century Modern elements:  Re-inventing old elements is really big this year. The idea of the matchy furniture combinations is not an “in” style anymore. Instead people are finding old styles and reinventing them to bring a bit of the past into their homes.  To read more about how to add some of these elements to your Vancouver Washington home, click here.

No matter what advice you take in 2015, remember that the most important part is that your style represents you. To discuss your ideas for your new home click here to contact Tuscany Homes today!