Green Living

The trend of building energy efficient homes and adding various green qualities is very popular in 2015. Engineered wood, efficient windows, and green appliances are expected to reach a new high as homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the benefits in terms of savings in hcfl-87175__180eating and cooling costs along with other positive implications. Financial reasons aside, people are becoming more concerned about the environment and personal health.

Other popular features that are receiving attention are water preserving elements like dual flush toilets and faucets that are considered “low flow.” These units provide lower water consumption leading to lower water costs. Even through the trend is to be “green” this year, a few aspects are expected to become less popular, such as solar heating and tankless water heaters. New construction homes are venturing away from these qualities due to the fact that they are beyond what is required by code when building a new home.  Click here to learn more abut creating an energy efficient home for your family.

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