Disappearing Style Trends

We all know that there are many timeless styles that will always be great options for the home, such as granite countertops and wood floors. There is not much chance that they will be forgotten any time soon. Now that it is 2015, and we have left 2014 behind for good, it is time to determine some of the home style trends that are no longer in.

Chevron Patterns

chevron-26403_640This style has been used in almost every place possible in home decor. From curtains and linens to bath mats and throw pillows, chevron made a huge impact in 2014. Now that it is a new year, many designers are abandoning chevron almost entirely.

Graphic signs and Prints

While it may not be possible for your friends to know where they should enjoy the food you make them if you do not place the words “EAT” on the wall in the dining room, this trend is “out.” This is true for posters with phrases or vinyl wall quotes. The one exception to this new rule is in a baby nursery or children’s room.

Painted Wall Stripes

This trend lasted quite a while. Colored stripes on the walls are being replaced by various kinds of wallpaper in 2015. Children’s and infants rooms are the only places where this style is acceptable in the opinion of some designers.

Leather Pouf Ottomans

These furniture items had a great run in 2014. They were a stable to almost any space and were very popular. Splashes of leather are still deemed ok, but in many cases, these pieces should be repurposed or thrown out.  Click here to read more about disappearing home design trends.

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