Relaxing in a Hammock

As the weather improves, homeowners are searching for more ways to make their backyard functional. Landscaping and furniture can help create a space perfect for relaxing and entertainment. Another way to add relaxation is to install a hammock in your yard. If you do not have the budget for this, you can still find a way to make this work.

Whether your purchase a hammock or make your own, a good hammock needs a support system. You should begin the process by finding a pair of uprights spaced six to nine feet away from each other. These supports can be trees or any other sturdy uprights.feet-649782_640-1

You should next select your bed sheet and get it ready for its new role. Next you should lay the sheet in a way that you can see all of its edges. After this you should knot the sheet, you should have a knot for each support.

Finally you will hang the hammock. A Lark’s Head knot can be used to fasten one end of the rope to each of the points you made. Once the knots are secured you can begin to enjoy your new hammock.  To read the full step by step instructions to building your own hammock, click here. to read about

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