Flooring and Countertop Trends

There are many new up and coming trends for countertops and flooring in 2015. Wood and granite will always be popular, but some new ideas are becoming strong contenders to old favorites.

Many people are discovering a product called Quartzite. It is a great option for countertops, and while granite is still a favorite, this natural stone has many comparable attributes. It is a beautiful option that is also virtually indestructible, which is a great benefit for a countertop to have. It is long lasting and looks new for a great deal of time. Quartzite closely resembles marble, but doesn’t stain easily like marble does. Quartzite can withstand a great deal of wear, causing it to last much longer.back-porch-670293_640

Porcelain is becoming this years “to try” flooring product. It is rising in popularity due to its ability to imitate wood and other products. It is less expensive than many of its competitors but still offers a rich and stylish look. It can come in just about any size or shape you could want. It also is great for usage in just about any high traffic space because of its resistance to moisture and high durability. To learn more about expected trends for 2015, click here.

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