Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

It is true that a living room may be utilized more often when it is combined together with the kitchen. Creating a “great room” affect can have a wonderful impact on making the most out of the space within your home.


An open floor plan is a home with a layout that follows these guidelines; one or more large, open spaces that hold multipe functions within a single living space. The most common concept is the “great room” that combines both the kitchen, dining room, and living room in the same space to maximize the use of all areas. This is often the floor plan of choice for homes with smaller amounts of square footages because it gives the illusion of more functional space.


More social time. The person cooking or cleaning in the kitchen can be a part of the action. Being cooped in the kitchen has been a common complaint of host’s throughout time..

Keep an eye on the kids. It can be difficult to prepare meals and work in the kitchen, and also watch small children. Children are unpredictable and it is incredibly convenient to have them in the same space while you get things done.

Increase views and natural light. Closing off spaces can have a great impact on the amount of natural light within a space. A closed off space can feel dreary and dark. Opening up the space by removing walls, allows all possible light to be shared by all rooms. To read about the pros and cons of an open floor plan, click here!

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