Closed floor plans offer homeowners a larger number of rooms that may be smaller and provide a level of privacy and organization.  Here are a few more benefits to a closed floor plan vs and open one.

More privacy. It is not uncommon for a household to have people contending with different ages and schedules. Some families may consist of babies, teenagers, nannies, grandparents, and parents, all of whom have their own needs. Enclosed spaces may help the family function better because it allows for everyone to have their own space.

More walls for artwork. Some families enjoy the ability to display pictures and art.  In an open floor plan it can be difficult to find a place for all of your wonderful pieces. A closed plan leaves room for homeowners to enjoy their treasures without sacrificing any to storage.

Easier to clean and contain messes. Enclosed spaces make it much easier to clean. In each room, there is a spot for everything, but in an open plan you may be faced with many items that belong in may different areas.

living-room-728732_640Noise doesn’t travel as far. Open floor plan designs have more acoustics, which can make noise an issue. Walls and insulation can assist in blocking and limiting noise.

Specialty rooms. If there are more rooms, there are more options for spaces that serve different purposes. If you have no walls, there is really no space for workout rooms, craft rooms, or offices. It is something to consider depending on the needs of your household. To read more about the pros and fonts of a closed floor plan, click here.

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