The New Modern

This year, modern design trends aim to reinvent classy luxury and creative recycling through furniture and interior decorating. There is also a tendency to revert to classic, contemporary, and retro design through the use of fresh colors, exotic touches, ethnic pieces, and artistic details. All of these trends together create a surprising blend of textures

In 2015 contemporary design combines a mixture of gilded antiques, velvet, silk, and carved wood accents. These elements are mixed with industrial metal details, creating a very unique home decor. These modern interior ideas reflect the desire to create a bold living space that has personality.

home-663226_640 Many homeowners who are choosing this new modern design are interested in putting a variety of shapes and prints together with rich colors, representing modern ideas with a touch of traditional style. The unique character and charming details used in the new modern design are showing up in public spaces, hotels, offices, and homes. It is a common choice because they are elegant and sophisticated. To read more about adding a new twist on modern style in your Vancouver, WA home, please click here.

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