Nature and Recycling in Design

home-663245_640As you decide on the style of your new home, it is important to look at current trends in 2015.  The color green is making a come back, most commonly in the walls. Water features, patterns, bright prints, and floral wallpaper are all common in natural design. Fresh shades of gray, beige, white, green, and black help bring everything together.

Modern furniture and décor that display plants, along with contemporary ways to integrate trendy plan holders. Any way you can add a bit of nature to a space, helps you be part of new modern design. New trellis designs can be used as room dividers, making the room feel natural. These organic trends are perfect for decorating eco homes and eco friendly working spaces.

Along with natural and organic elements, it is also common to reuse and recycle as well. There are so many ways to accomplish this in home design from reusing second hand items to choosing materials that are reclaimed or repurposed. Wood is a common material to be reused, from flooring to furniture.  To read more about using natural and recycled materials in your Vancouver, WA home, click here

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