A Ventilation Fan for Your Bathroom

The heat and moisture level reached when you and your family enjoy hot showers and baths can cause harm to your home. This is due to the mold and mildew growth in these small rooms. This growth can lead to a great deal of damage to the building materials, drywall, and wood framing within your home.

A bathroom ventilation fan can be very beneficial to reducing the risk of mold growth. Its main purpose is to remove the moisture and mold spores from the room and create a ventilated space with free flowing air. Besides the risk of damage to your home, mold can cause health problems for your family.

These fans are becoming much smaller and more quiet with new technology. Depending on the fan you choose for your home, you should expect to spend $80-$400. To have them bathroom-670257_640installed by a professional you will pay an additional $250-$500. While expensive, it is a small price to pay to protect your family and your home. To learn more about choosing the right ventilation fan for your Vancouver Wa home, click here.

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