Personalizing Your Kitchen

There are so many great options available to you as you design your brand new kitchen. New products, technologies, and storage ideas, you can create a space that fits the needs of your family.

Many of the common sense decisions involve appliance style, countertops, flooring material, color of cabinetry, and sink options. Moving a step further, you can consider the storage options from your kitchen. If you are finding that the cabinets and pantry do not offer adequate space you can consider installing baseboard height drawers to maximize storage space and help break down on clutter. You can use this place to store baking items that you do not use on a daily basis or art materials for your

A terrific option for personalizing your kitchen and creating a space for everything is to install a mini fridge in your island. You can use this space to store child height snacks or beverages, as well as items you may want to access while at the island.  For more personalized ideas for your new home, click here!

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