Heavy Metal and Popular Colors

Metal trends go in and out throughout the history of design. In the past, brass was used everywhere in the home, and stainless followed shortly behind. In 2015 it is becoming clear that many metals are taking center stage. Copper is material that seems to be increasing in popularity. Bronze is making a comeback and can often be found paired with copper. This offers a multiple medium prodleaves-15757_640uct that brings out the artistic side of design within the home.

With design trends, comes the importance of color.  Designers hate to choose just one color to represent a year, typically there is a combination of colors that are combined to create a look.   That being said, there is a great tendency for people to lean towards lights blues and greens this year.  It is hard to deny the tranquility they offer the home, as well as all of the décor options available when using those shades. Dark shades of red and other high statement colors are a thing of the past.  To read more about popular color and design trends for your Vancouver, WA Home please click here!

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