Lighting Trends for 2015

When you consider the lighting for your new home, you may not realize how exciting it is and how creative you can be. From futuristic to designs from the past, all lighting options out there are meant to give consumers a wide array of choices to fit any personal style they may choose.

  1. Pendant lighting is a popular trend and it is only expected to get stronger. Some popular styles are bowl pendants, drum pendants, and multi-light pendants.
  2. Chandeliers are in style right now and come in many different designs. Whether you are looking for a traditional one or something more modern, there are many options available to homeowners.ceiling-lamp-335975_640
  3. Lighting inside drawers and cabinets is also a trend that is making some headway in 2015. It can be frustrating to search for something in the dark, and these new handy lights are making it easier for homeowners to navigate their homes.
  4. Shower lighting is popular in the bathroom these days. It can offer the lighting you want, while not overpowering the space.
  5. LED lighting has been around for a while, but it will continue to grow over the years. It offers many cost saving benefits to homeowners, making it a choice that is taking over the lighting market. For more information about lighting trends, click here.

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