Modern Traditional Style

Modern traditional style includes elements that marry both modern and traditional design.  Thist is expected to become one of the very most popular looks over the next year. One important aspect of this design is the use of ultrasleek, contemporary kitchens instead of ones that are warm, comfortable, and reflective.

kitchen-673727_640Modern traditional style is affecting everything from cabinet design and colors to materials and textures. It really mixes up style ideas, such as by using elements like shaker doors and stainless steel as a material for appliances and countertops. There is also a movement away from colorful glass backsplashes and chrome handles.  These are being replaced by more traditional style elements, such as tile with black, pewter, and brushed-nickel fittings. To read more about Modern Traditional style or other 2015 trends and how to implement them in your Vancouver, WA home, click here.

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