Ceilings that Make You Look Up

Traditionally, ceilings are white and completely plain. For a while it was common to see a popcorn element spattered on the space above. Now that we are well into the 21st century, we expect more from our ceilings and want them to make a statement. For a long time, we have all forgotten to look up when in the process of home design, but those days are fading. This year, more emphasis will be placed into ceiling design, this is in terms of shape, features, and color. There are many ways to implement ceilings as a focal point. It could be through the use of lighticeiling-fan-558988_640ng, bulkheads, or the addition of classic embellishments, the result will be that our ceilings will become part of the room’s beauty and style.

If you are not sure how to take your ceiling design and create a beautiful focal point, you can look to the space here for more inspiration. If your room fosters a wood design feature that frames the space that draws the eyes upwards, you can add row of clerestory windows that creates the illusion of a floating ceiling. For more ideas about creating beautiful ceilings in your Vancouver, WA home, click here.

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