Feature Floor Tiles

bath-3148_640Last year, floor tiles made a statement in design. It is not expected that this trend will fade any time soon. It is very common to see this feature in the bathroom because of the small space. In many cases, bathrooms are areas that lack size, making them difficult to personalize. Small bathrooms lack an area for a focal point, and a feature floor adds style without overwhelming the space. In the case of a larger bathroom, the effect is elegant.

To further design the perfect bathing space, using serene touches is a great way to help you relax. You can start this by drawing design inspiration from nature and infuse the space with a very calming vibe. Natural stone, onyx counters, and wood tiles help create a luxury, and you can further add to the look by choosing a tub or shower that screams style. For more ideas to make your Vancouver, WA bathroom a beautiful place to relax, click here.

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