Which Hardwood Floor is the Most Timeless?

Flooring is a very large decision when building a home. This along with wall colors are what breathe the life into your space. This is because they take up the most square footage, so it is wise to think about the look and feel you are creating and not simply install the latest trend. Your personality is the foremost important aspect to choosing a timeless wood floor.wood-403788_640

Some people love the lighter look of a bleached pale floor, this style of flooring looks great in a beach inspired design. A medium brown color offers a timeless look and can blend well with just any style. If you want white walls, you can make the decision to choose light or dark flooring. That being said, the distressed flooring or gray colored floor that is popular this year is not anticipated to last over the next decade in home design. When you make your final flooring decisions, it is important to consider if you plan to stay in the home forever, or sell someday. For more information about flooring choice options in your Vancouver, WA home, click here!

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