A Master Suite Retreat

When people think of a master suite, they often imagine a beautiful place to relax and sleep. It is also a place where they can forget about the outside world. This vision can be disrupted when the space is too small or does not have adequate lighting or storage. The best way to create this retreat is to have a vision and spend time planning before moving your belongings into the space.bedroom-389254_640

If your master includes a bathroom that also lacks space, it may be a good idea to choose elements that save space and create focal points. A new trend in master bathrooms is to open them up to the closet or bedroom. Some homeowners want to see their beautiful basins, custom vanities, and freestanding baths from the bedroom. Click here to read more about ways to make the most of your master bedroom.

Regardless of how you decide to make your master bedroom shine, click here to contact Tuscany Homes in Vancouver, WA with your vision so we can help! Click here to view our gallery!