Energy Efficient Oasis

Many Vancouver, Washington homeowners are interested in adding green touches to their new homes. There are a few ways to accomplish this goal without breaking the bank. The first way to consider is to reclaim your floors. Finding recycled wood flooring is a great way to equip your home with a renewable, durable, and versatile flooring. With this option, no new trees are destroyed and chopped down in the process of creating your beautiful floors. To complete the idea of a truly green floor, it is important to make sure that there is not adhesive backing that contains formaldehyde or other harmful VOC’s.

Another way to create a green living oasis in your new home is to store the store the sun’s rays. Passive solar design can capture the energy of the sun, keeping the interior of your home warm and saves you in energy costs. One trend ttrees-790220_640o lock in the warmth is concrete floors and thick interior concrete walls. Walls made of brick or plaster can also help soak up heat during the day and release overnight when the sun disappears. This helps to stabilize temperature fluctuations and makes the home more comfortable.  Click here
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