An Unused Dining Space

The idea of a formal dining room is one that seems to be fading. Whether your family eats at a desk or in front of the TV, two places that many families are not eating their meastill-life-379858_640ls at regularly are the kitchen and the dining room. To look more deeply at this trend, IKEA surveyed 8,527 people worldwide in 2014. 36% of participants responded that they never eat in a dining room or kitchen during the week, which is a very high statistic. The respondents of this study were from eight different cities in eight different countries.

So what are these people doing with their dining rooms and kitchens? Some explanations are for work, storage, or leaving them for special occasions. Maybe people who do not have young children or who are single tend to use their eating spaces less for eating and more for other functional uses. Some homeowners who do not use a formal dining room for eating decide to forgo it completely to make room for more living space. To read more about how families are using their dining areas, click here.

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