Privacy and Solitude

Most people enjoy the solitude of relaxing in their own backyard without the hustle and bustle of the outside world. While you may like your neighbors a lot, it is likely that you want some moments to sit in solitude and go about your business in your space. These days, it is not uncommon for larger homes to sit on smaller lots and there is a demand for outdoor living and privacy.padlock-474089_640

Whether you are trying to keep your life in or your neighbors life out, people are finding more and more ways to make their backyard spaces a private and enjoyable area for their family.   From putting in plantings that block out the sun and the views of your neighbors to building fences, garden structures, and rock walls, it is possible to make your backyard feel like a private oasis.

The next series of blogs will discuss ways to make your yard your own, regardless of its size. The unique way you choose to create privacy is dependent on your own personal style and design ideas. Click here to read more about adding privacy to your space.

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