A Fence for Privacy

Many Washington homeowners are trying to find ways to provide privacy and visual buffers for their yard. In some cases, newly installed below ground pools, playgrounds, and patios may accomplish just that. If you are looking to provide privacy in a hurry, a 6-foot board fence will achieve this goal of year-round screening. To build a fence, it is first important to check out the local building codes about fence heights in your area. If you only have a side yard, you can save space by building a thin fence instead of property plantings.fence-450670_640

Board fences can come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, so you can easily find a way to complement your fence with your home. If you are concerned about aesthetic appeal though, you should know that a board fence does not always provide a pleasing sight. To break up the mass of a board fence you can add a lattice or baluster top. Planting flowers and shrubs in front can also add some visual appeal.

If a board fence is not for you, a shorter 3-4 foot picket fence or lattice on top of a stone wall can provide a beautiful sight while also giving some necessary privacy. This wall is high enough to disrupt sight lines from a distance, while also open enough to keep you from feeling claustrophobic. To read more about how a fence can provide you with the privacy you desire, click here!

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