The Beauty of Marsala

If there were to be a color that was deemed the “color of the year” in 2015, it would have to be marsala. This shade is a mixture of red, pink, and purple, making it a beautiful and rich tone that is reminiscent of the color of wine. This color can work in just about any style and can make as big of a statement as you want it to. One way to use this color is to fully commit to it.

To do this, you can approach it from an all or nothing standpoorchid-542370_640int. Saturating the space with beautiful red tones and mixing them with creamy whites and natural wood elements is a great way to use this tone. Marsala can be used to implement a variety of global styles, a few examples are:

  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Moroccan
  • Indian
  • Italian

A few accent ideas to these global styles are: pottery, rugs, blankets, throw pillows, art work, or lamps. All of these may have marsala colored patterns. To read more about how to commit to this color in your home design, click here!

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