Marsala Goes Global

The last blog discussed the beauty of the color marsala and how it can impact a space if you fully commit to it. Decorating with a global style in mind is a great way to use it throughout the entire space.

One other way to embrace the beautiful and rich tone is to showcase it in one single bold piece. Using marsala as a single accent color within in eclectic modern space can be dramatic. The white base with tons of natural light can help make this color shine on its own. Other colors that can help complete this look within a contemporary space are blue, yellow, orange, and red. This tones mix well with marsala without overshadowing its effect on the

One area where you can make a statement with marsala is in your rug. This tone works perfectly in this space, and doing so can help you add a bit of rich texture to the space. Choosing a rug with this tone can add a Turkish, Afghan, Moroccan, or Indian feel to an eclectic space. This tone on the ground can help add stability to a modern space. Click here to read more about making a statement with marsala.

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