Wallpaper: Trendy or Tacky?

If you are interested in adding some additional character to your cooking area, consider wallpaper. This major trend is a great solution to making your kitchen a warm and personalized space. It also provides you with an easy way to create visual impact, even if you choose to use it in small amounts, such colors-754866_640as an accent wall. This option gives you the control of complementing the elements within the kitchen and allows you to add some contrast to a space that may be feeling too simple.

Design experts expect to see wallpaper used in more areas throughout the home. W
hile it is great for dressing up walls that are plain and missing decor, we will also see it being used in many unexpected ways. It may even be utilized on ceilings in some homes as a means to create a focal point. To read more how to use wallpaper in your Vancouver, WA home, click here.

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