Using Tile in 2015 – Vancouver WA Homebuilders can Help

There are many reasons a homeowner may want to use ceramic tile in their home. Ceramic tile is beautiful and durable and is very popular in warmer climates. This is because tile stays cooler in the heat. It is also very easy material to clean and maintain over the years. Another benefit you may experience with ceramic tile is that when one breaks of cracks, it is easy to replace just that one single tile instead of having to replace the entire floor.


Along with growing in popularity, ceramic tile is also growing in size. While in the past, it was trendy to use tiles in the 12 X 12 size or smaller size, it is now common to use much larger sizes. That being said, trends do vary by region.

The technology for producing tiles is also growing. With new advances in photography and printing capabilities, it is not uncommon to see tiles that use the same technologies as laminate flooring. Some tiles are even being printed to look like wood. This trend is allowing people to truly personalize every part of their home. To learn more about ceramic tile trends, click here.

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