A Vancouver WA Homebuilder Discusses the Pros and Cons of Wood.

There are many material options for your Vancouver WA homebuilder to use in your new home. The next series of blog posts will cover the varying products you may choose to incorporate into your dream home.flowers-747206_640

Wood as a lot going for it as a homebuilding material. It has a variety of uses, from primary materials such as siding, to decorative elements or support structures. It is lightweight compared to stone options and can be easily cut. While it can absorb moisture, the right treatments can resist it.

Even though wood is an ideal product for many home elements, it does have its downsides. It can decay over time and is vulnerable to moisture issues such as dry rot. It is also susceptible to termites and other predation. Fire is also a big problem that can lead to costly damages.

Even with these vulnerabilities, wood can last a long time. Click here to read more about the pros and cons of using wood.

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