A Story of Homebuilding History – From a Vancouver WA Homebuilder

10,000 years ago, humans needed to make some changes in the way they were living. Moving away from a more nomadic lifestyle was necessary because people began to stay in in place for long periods of time instead of migrating from place to place. Once the ice age ended, there were many more resources available, so there was no longer a need to travel far for food.elsach-767579_640

There were some challenges to settling and raising a family. Instead of living in caves or makeshift shelters, over time man needed to look for more durable materials so homes would be longer lasting dwellings. The changing materials used over time create a picture of the quest humans went through to meet the ever-changing needs of our culture. The way that architecture has evolved shows the trial and error of finding the perfect building materials. Today, Tuscany Homes uses the best and most modern building materials to make sure that your home is beautiful and will last a life-time. To read more about the evolution of architecture, click here!

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