Your Vancouver WA Homebuilder Thinks You Still Have Time to Garden This Year

There is still time left to garden before the heat dies down at the end of the summer. August is yielding high heat, allowing for the growth of flowers, plants and vegetables before the beginning of fall. Flowers and vegetables can be the highlight of the garden at your Vancouver WA home, providing your family with a beautiful setting and view in your yard.vegetables-752153_640

Sometimes, the heat of the summer is responsible for destroying a garden, especially if there are high maintenance plants out there. Flowers and vegetables are often the most recommended because they help brighten the home and get you in the mood for the fall season. It is important to make sure to get rid of old flowers to make room for the new ones each season. With the excruciating heat, water is a necessity. You should always water your garden in the morning or evening to ensure that the water is not evaporated before it can sock into the ground.

Tomatoes and peppers are vegetables that grow at the end of the summer and will be ripe in time for fall. Herbs are also great for fall harvesting. To read more about end of summer gardening, click here!

Gardening is a great way to give a bit of personality to your brand new Vancouver WA home. Click here to view Tuscany Home’s gallery.